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Flexibility And Mobility
The problem with most flexibility programs is that they're written by people who have been bendy since childhood.

Very few achieved great mobility as adults.

And without that experience their programs are pretty useless.
I wasted so much time following BS programs.

That’s why I created The Flexibility Blueprint, so I can share methods that work for adults because they were created by people that got flexible as adults.
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In This 2 Page Blueprint
I'll Show You ...
  •  The 7 keys to faster  flexibility and mobility so that you can start to move better than you ever have before
  •  The most common mistakes people make when trying to get more flexible so you know what to avoid and never waste time on low value movements
  •  The misunderstood theory behind mobility and flexibility and what you need to know so that your training delivers immediate results that last
  •  How to achieve the optimal balance between flexibility and mobility so that you maximise your results and minimise risk of injury
  •  And so much more ...
Hi, I'm Rad Burmeister ...

Founder of Unity Gym, the place where health is measured by performance not body image.

I teach people how to move and nourish instead of just exercise and diet, taking people from good to great.

The flexibility blueprint I created has helped thousands of people who thought they were doomed to be stiff and tight become extremely flexible.

With it, you eliminate the guesswork and will never again waste time or money on a program that under delivers.
Having the mobility and flexibility you want,
is only a click away ...
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