It’s Not The Diet, It’s You!
Science Uncovered The 2 Reasons Why … 
& We've Got The Formula To Overcome Them! 
An Open Letter To Anyone Wanting To Transform Their Body

It's true … 95 percent of people who diet fail within 3 years … gaining more weight back than they lost. 

Not because their diet failed … because their adherence to the diet failed.

Of the 5% who successfully achieve sustained weight loss, scientific research has uncovered two commonalities …

First, they practice daily cognitive restraint … which helps to cultivate discipline.

And second … they do some form of self monitoring … meaning they track their calories or macros.

These methods are effective because each helps to cultivate a healthier relationship with food and hunger.

Put simply, by doing both you learn a hell of a lot more about your food!

Believe me, after coaching hundreds of people I can assure you … transforming your body is hard.

There’s no magic diet or exercise program that will change your life overnight.

The changes must come from within … starting with how you think about diet and exercise!

Consider this … we spend so much time upgrading the phone in our pocket and computer on our desk. 

But when was the last time you upgraded the software in your head?

If you're like most people … never!

And this is often why we fail to transform our bodies.

Without first changing our mindset, you will almost certainly revert back to old, unhealthy habits.

I'm not going to sugar coat it … changing your approach to training and diet will be uncomfortable at first.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is feeding you bullshit!

But make no mistake … achieving your true potential will require daily activities that teach you discipline.
At Unity Gym we start by teaching people how to monitor their food.

Then we provide a program that combines proper meal planning with a progressive introduction to time delayed eating and eventually (for those wanting to take their health higher), intermittent fasting.

This is extremely effective … and the results speak for themselves.

Our clients experience incredible success.

But let me be absolutely crystal clear … it won't be easy. Especially in the beginning!

As you transition from where you're at now, to where you need to be, you'll no doubt face some discomfort.

But I can guarantee you that it will be worth it!

Remember, science has proven that any program that fails to teach you how to track and monitor your food, plus practice daily cognitive restraint, is statistically destined to fail.

And any trainer who tells you you can transform your body without facing discomfort is a fraud!
Yani Burmeister (Pictured)
Unity Gym Managing Director 
Program Commitment $398
Strictly Only 20 Places Available 
Our gym is designed specifically to support our clients and facilitate our unique program. 
We cap class numbers to ensure you get the best coaching and equipment at all times.
Take Control Of Your Body & Learn To Move In Amazing New Ways!
For people wanting to improve strength, mobility & get lean, who are tired of mediocre results
  • We teach you how to move in ways you only ever dreamed possible so you never get bored of your training
  • Learn how to do handstands, muscle ups, the splits and much more so your training has real purpose again
  • Lose weight, get insanely lean, strong and flexible so you feel confident and powerful in your body
  • Fix any long standing, annoying aches and pains so nothing stands in the way of your true potential
  • Learn weightlifting, mobility, stretching, gymnastics and calisthenics to optimise and balance your body
  • Get a structured and progressive program with no random, dangerous crap that puts your body at risk
  • Get a progressive approach to exercise that delivers a program perfect for beginners, through to advanced level athletes
(Must Read Prior To Application)
Unlike gyms that prey on body image issues, we believe health is measured by how the body performs, not just how it looks. As a result, our approach to exercise and diet is very different to regular gyms. 

Instead of just pushing you to restrict and burn calories, we will teach you how to move and eat in ways that upregulates cellular healing and harnesses true intrinsic motivation.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look good. We all do. It's human nature to do so! 

If you're just looking to trim a little fat of your arse or belly so you look slightly better on the beach this summer there are hundreds of suitable gyms. 

We're NOT one of them!

We require a higher level of commitment. Part of our program requires our clients to train regularly. We cultivate consistency. Our tribe starts by training with us a minimum of three (3) times a week. And after a few months … most do five (5) or even six (6) training sessions!

We don't just work to strengthen your muscle systems … a big part of why we get such great results is because we also teach our clients to strengthen their habit muscles!

So before you apply for our program it's important that you understand we are NOT your average (train on your terms) gym.

There are plenty of 24 hour gyms that will do that for you. 

But let's be real for a moment … your terms have delivered your current results.

If you're not completely satisfied with that then we suggest you stop looking for something that suits your terms!

You probably need to adopt a totally different mindset! And you most likely need a totally different program.

We excel at taking people in your position to an extremely high level.

We are experts at coaching people through addictions and bad habits to cultivate a healthier mindset, lifestyle and eventually … body.

But our top clients commit 100% to the program. No exceptions!

Please don't apply for this program if you're not willing to open your mind to new techniques that have delivered exceptional results time-after-time.

Also do not apply if you already think you know everything.

Don't waste your time if you're closed minded … and please definitely don't apply if you're unable to leave your ego at the door.

Because you won't be ready for our program … and we'll most likely be a terrible fit for each other!

However, if you're ready to get stronger than you've ever been before …

Get more flexible and more mobile than you were as a child …

Ready to take your confidence and movement skills to a whole new level …

And as a result of all that … completely transform your body to a state you may not have thought possible …

Then we are certainly the right gym for you … and most likely, you're really gonna love what we do here!
The majority of our tribe came to us feeling like their old gym or personal trainer under delivered.

They might have been ok in the beginning. But soon after joining us they realize that their previous experiences actually weren't exceptional.

Often we get ex Crossfitters that suffered frustrating injuries that they couldn't fix … 

Or ex F45 members who got bored after hitting a glass ceiling because their program lacked a progressive approach …

We also have lots of past Fitness First, Virgin Active and Anytime Fitness members who felt neglected and uninspired …

And we support heaps of previous Vision clients who got tired of the endless pursuit of the perfect birthday suit …

In our experience a good program that remains highly engaging for it's people must be challenging enough to reward people and designed in a way that reduces overuse injury. 

In addition, an ideal program should be safe enough for beginners by cultivating consistent progression, whilst delivering tangible results with limitless potential.

Furthermore, banking on your looks is like banking on a depreciating asset. It's a failing investment! Weather you like it of not, your body is ageing.  

Our program teaches people to embrace their age and reach their true potential by focussing on mastering their limitations and harnessing their attributes.

Remember, looking good is a side effect to moving good. Not the other way around. Having a body that looks good but can't move is like having a nose that can't smell!

How would you like to join a gym where you learn to do handstands, muscle ups and other amazing calisthenics movements with a tried and proven programming method. 

Would you like to harness an insanely powerful intrinsic motivator that elevates your exercise program far above just how good you're looking in the mirror?

Learn to exercise in ways so much more fun and rewarding than boring, repetitive, cookie cutter workouts?

Join a tribe of people (trainers and clients) who share your vision and actually care about your goals and results.

Unity Gym is for people who’d rather learn to move than just exercise.

People who also take their health, fitness and goals seriously!
You've Been Watching Our Videos
Now It's Your Turn To Experience A Transformation With Us!
Program Commitment $398
Strictly Only 20 Places Available 
Our gym is designed specifically to support our clients and facilitate our unique program. 
We cap class numbers to ensure you get the best coaching and equipment at all times.
Here's What Our Clients Say
Program Commitment $398
Strictly Only 20 Places Available 
Our gym is designed specifically to support our clients and facilitate our unique program. 
We cap class numbers to ensure you get the best coaching and equipment at all times.
 What We Will Deliver In Your 30 Day Kickstart
 Everything You Need To Achieve The Results You've Been Chasing
  • Intermittent fasting - this groundbreaking new diet will help to reset your hormones & turbocharge your metabolism
  • Sustainable weight loss - our clients lose on average 5-kgs in 30 days & learn how to keep the weight off permanently
  • Improved fitness - a combination of cardio exercises, weight lifting & calisthenics will make you much stronger & fitter
  • Improved mobility - you learn optimal exercises to enhance your flexibility & improve your overall physical capabilities
  • Repair Injuries - through specialised conditioning exercises you'll learn how to manage your injuries & overcome pain
  • Optimal posture - you'll learn foundation movement patterns to reduce the risk of injury & fix uncomfortable posture
  • Safe progression - you'll learn proper progression & a variety of new movements to improve cognitive function & skill
  • Supportive Community - Gym doesn't have to be intimidating & boring … we'll show you just how fun it's meant to be
  • Motivation!!! - Most important, we use a very unique training style that has proven to dramatically increase motivation
What Makes Us Different
Never Crowded
Strictly limited to 155 total clients in the gym each year. Places are allocated to suit our exact floor space & training equipment.
Unique Workouts
The program includes mobility & flexibility, weightlifting & cardio circuit training, plus challenging calisthenics & gymnastics exercises.
Holistic Program
Incorporates everything you need to optimise health including exercise, nutrition, recovery, motivation & stress management.
Here's a Summary Of What You get
  •  3 to 5 supervised coaching sessions per week using our revolutionary new exercise program
  •  Specialised progressive nutrition system designed to heal your body & make you lean & strong
  •  Exclusive weekly session time reservation so you never have to battle crowds or wait for equipment
  •  Bonus online coaching tools & support group so you'll always know exactly what to do and when to do it
Don't Miss Out
  •  Don't Miss Out, This Program Only Runs 4 Times Per Year
  •  To Avoid Overcrowding Strictly Only 20 Places Available
  •  Applications Now Open For The Spring 2018 Program
Program Commitment $398
Strictly Only 20 Places Available 
Our gym is designed specifically to support our clients and facilitate our unique program. 
We cap class numbers to ensure you get the best coaching and equipment at all times.
20 Berry Street North Sydney 
02 9922 6161
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