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Hi … My Name Is Rad Burmeister
Register Your Interest For The 30 Day Kickstart
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3 Start Dates In 2018
Monday January
8th, 15th and 22nd
The 30 day kickstart program sells out
every year, don't miss out!

Strictly limited to 20 people.

If you are serious about achieving
amazing results in 2018
then don't miss this opportunity.
  •  We teach you how to move in ways you only ever dreamed of
  •  We will help you lose weight, tone your muscles, get flexible and strong
  •  You will look and feel amazing plus you'll fix all your annoying aches and pains
  •  You'll learn weightlifting, mobility, stretching, gymnastics, calisthenics and flow movements
  •  We structure your program so there's no random dangerous workouts that put you at risk of injury
  •  The progressive nature of our program means it's perfect for beginners and advanced people
"We teach you how to do handstands, muscle ups and other amazing calisthenics movements

Instead of just boring and
repetitive workouts.

You're supported everyday and always progressing toward
your goals.

Our program is for beginners
and advanced ...

Unity Gym is for people who want to learn to move,
rather than just exercise."
What Kind Of Training Will I Do
At Unity Gym?
Watch this video to see some of the amazing movements
you will learn with us.
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